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strength, stamina, power


strength, speed, stamina


cardiovascular fitness

5K Run/Walk 2013

Get an incredible aerobic workout by simulating outdoor bike riding set to high-energy music.



Keeps your heart rate up by alternating aerobic and muscle conditioning for a workout sure to leave you breathless.

Join us for a treadmill workout designed to strengthen your heart, improve your endurance and make the time fly by while doing it! Add core strengthening techniques and you have Cardio Core Sculpt: 30 minutes of treadmill drills followed by 30 minutes of band and stability ball work to strengthen the entire core.

This outdoor total-body strength and cardio circuit combines classic exercises with the latest conditioning methods

If you want a workout that makes every second count, try this muscle sculpting, fat burning class.

Perform fun, intermediate step aerobic patterns followed by total-body strength training.

Instructor Ron Smith with 24 years of experience in kickboxing competitions and coaching takes you through a challenging workout where you learn proper technique and use of all kickboxing equipment!

Combines Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout that will blow you away!

This class builds strength and sculpts the entire body using Barre techniques, dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls and more.

Takes you through flowing Hatha Yoga postures, coordinating breath with movement. Perform deep, but gentle poses, which will help you develop grace, strength and flexibility.

This class is taught by Dr. Liz Wiedlich for the working adult and anyone who is looking to gain flexibility for daily movements and activities.

A fun, innovative workout using a combination of kick boxing, boxing, dance and drill movement!

This combination of ZUMBA® and strength work makes up a heart-pumping workout that will impose coordination while shaping the entire body.

A low impact, energetic Ballet Barre based workout.
This class will strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles using a continual fat burning, cardio motion, targeting the glutes, legs, torso, abs and arms set to upbeat, dance inspired music.